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Part III: Lighting

Decorative lighting or task lighting? Why not both? Earlier I mentioned the beauty of the stand – alone bath tub, which would pair perfectly with a fancy chandelier. If that’s not enough lighting for a lady putting makeup on at 5 am for work, add some simple sconces on each side of your vanity. I highly suggest this because lighting makes all the difference when shaving or applying makeup. Believe me when I say my boyfriend has left the house with a patch of untrimmed beard. Quite hilarious if i do say so. What isn’t funny; I have left home and had people look at me oddly, only to notice I hadn’t blended my cover up! Natural lighting is also a big one. Add an extra window if doing a full blown remodel. Au Natural is always going to be the best in my book. For the shower, whether you have a walk in with glass doors or have a curtain; it can tend to become a little dark in there. While it may not bother some, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have an extra shining light from up above. Recessed lighting works best because it can handle wet or damp conditions. Additionally, if you are getting ready to destress or forget bout a long week at work, a few tips for lighting up your relaxed mood would be to incorporate aesthetic lighting into your bathroom oasis. That means hiding your bulbs! Find clever areas to hide hem and turn on only when you need to.

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April 16, 2015

The day water heaters over 50 gallons are being discontinued! What does this mean to us, the consumer? Well, the National Appliance Energy Conservation Act ( NAECA) has decided to have all water heater manufacturers discontinue any tanks over 55 gallons. To replace these, they encourage us to use tankless heaters! This new technology heats water instantaneously. The only problem I immediately thought of was running out of hot water. I enjoy my 30 minute steaming hot showers all year round, so I did some research based on reviews and here is what I found:

Many people tested out the tankless heater by using many appliances at once, for example; dishwasher, washing machine, shower etc. They found the wait for hot water to have about a 30 second lag, which is nothing out of the norm opposed to the storage tank type. Most mentioned they installed the unit themselves and everything turned out fine, but, they did need to purchase extra parts to make installation easier. In some cases, people had to modify their water lines or upgrade their water meters to be able to handle the load.

Many of the blogs I came across mentioned the “25% saving on gas bill.” This is misleading as it would take over 20 years (average life of a tankless heater) to make your money back. I find that thinking green doesn’t necessarily refer to green cash. In other words, the amount you spend on a traditional heater is never going to come back into your hands, while going tankless you at least get some percentage back and not to mention the original concept of the unit, being energy efficient!



***The tankless water heater I read reviews on was the Rheem Eco Sense***

A Moment with Monica

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Outdated Bathroom Remodel

Part II: The Bathtub.

The question arises again: what role does the bathtub play in my home?

Before completely eliminating the idea of no bathtubs , remember to keep at least one tub in your home if you’re considering reselling.

There are two versions of the tub: The traditional soaker or the jetted. Going with the soaker, you can still get upgrades. For instance, one with arm or head rests, grab bars or ask to have slip resistant flooring for added safety when bathing the little ones. I love the way a free standing tub looks, and thats exactly what its meant to do, be a beautiful center piece. Usually placed in front or near a window, I wouldn’t suggest this placement for the shy and timid. For the tub with the extra bells and whistles, well those come with an array of extras. For example, the adjustable jets can come in multiple areas such as the obvious back, calf/ thigh, ankle/ foot areas and some even have an at the neck waterfall to avoid getting the chills if you enjoy steamy hot baths. Back to the added features, ambient under water lighting, memorized settings for multiple users ( LCD screen) and automated cleaning systems.



A Moment with Monica

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Outdated Bathroom Remodel

Part I:  The Walk in Shower.

When choosing the right type of shower for your needs, you might have to consider a few questions. What is the main purpose of this bathroom? Is it mainly for guests? For yourself? Do you and your spouse shower together to save time in the mornings? Sacrificing the tub for a walk in shower seems something many people are doing these days. If the tub is something you can live without, this is a great option. Now there are many extra’s that can be added to give you the real “spa experience.” Maybe adding a nice built in bench that can double up as a steam/sauna room, perfect for shaving legs, or even on day when we just feel so miserable we need to have a seat for a minute. Multiple shower heads! This would be perfect for those early morning rush showers with your spouse. Instead of taking turns sharing the hot water, you both get done in half the time. That is how a partnered shower is meant to be. Installing a rain shower head is another popular item for walk in showers. They are mounted in the ceiling or shower wall and give a nice gentle, soothing feel. I do want to give a disclaimer though; this type of shower is most favored by men because they don’t deal with rinsing shampoo out of long hair like women! For a therapeutic shower experience I recommend the hand held shower with a slide bar. This gives the option of an extra shower head that can be left on the slide bar for a targeted stream or spray, e.g. a painful back, neck or avoiding certain areas of the body (salon styled hair or injury.)

I hope you’ll join me next week for another Moment with Monica.


A Moment with Monica.

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Hello, I am Monica the newest addition to Qualtire Plumbing and Construction. I answer most phone calls and assist with setting up appointments for your service, so I will look forward to speaking to you at some point. I am actually the daughter of a painting contractor and assisted my father with anything as simple as sweeping up the demo mess to painting, to handling the paperwork. Therefore I have a special interest in the contracting field and do have some general knowledge with topics such as tile, electrical, remodeling etc. On the other hand, my plumbing knowledge was limited prior to my working here at Qualtire. Since then I have learned so much! I am twenty two years old and fairly new to Arizona. One thing everyone asks is ” Have you endured the summer yet?” Yes, yes I have! Luckily this summer I get to spend the summer days in the office with Annette and Karen right here at Qualtire Plumbing and Construction.

I hope you’ll join me next week for another Moment with Monica.

We have all heard the term “roof rat” but what are they really and how did they come to be? I have always thought these were an Arizona myth until I saw one scampering across my backyard one night.

Roof rats first appeared in Arizona back in 2002 and are still a major problem today. There are a few species of rats known, varying in size (13-18in from head to tail) and color (brown, gray, black). They prefer to nest in high places such as trees and attics, but will burrow under plants, buildings, basements and even sewers.

A ½” hole in a house is just enough for a roof rat to climb into, turning your home into a new breeding place. They are best known for getting into the structure of the house, eating through electrical wires, and causing other destructive damage within the house. They also have been known to ruin citrus crops. Although these can lead to extensive repair bills, the worst is when they die in your house and start to decay, leaving a “lovely” smell throughout your ventilation system.

This can all be prevented by calling Qualtire Plumbing & Construction to come out and secure all holes and make sure the rats won’t be getting into the house as well as going into the attic and checking for existing rats. Other actions can be beneficial as well such as keeping your yard well kept, picking up excess fruit, and disposing garbage properly. You want to make sure you do not use D-Con to kill the rats because that could potentially kill your pets or other animals as well.

Always remember that Qualtire Plumbing & Construction has been your Phoenix plumber and remodeler since 1964, and we are always just a phone call away.


In the eyes of a Plumber’s son

~Andrew Ryne~

The focal point of any house is usually the kitchen and if you have ugly, outdated countertops, this will hurt you lots. Lucky for you, there is a wide-variety of choices for countertops to fit any budget! The possibilities are endless but make sure you do your homework before you install for some countertops will suit different people’s needs.


Avonite – this is an inexpensive way to update the tops yet give the appearance of stone. You can get this is a variety of colors and shades that will match any style of kitchen.

Pros: inexpensive, variety of colors/shades to choose from

Cons: not heat-resistant; can warp when heat is applied


Granite – This is the most popular of them all, this stone will come in many colors and shades as well, it is also heat-resistant.

Pros: heat-resistant, reasonable prices, durability

Cons: Have to reseal often for water will ruin stone; if heavy object drops onto it, can chip or crack


Tile – elegant, while still maintaining a budget, tile will come in all shapes, shades, and colors, which some can tolerate applied heat.

Pros: huge selection to choose from, maintainable budget, durability

Cons: Can crack of chip if something drops onto it, harder to change or replace


Glass – very sleek design, more for looks rather than usage

Pros: very different look, variety of colors

Cons: more for looks than use, can easily break


Wood – Another innovative top, easy to maintain

Pros: the overall look, some heat resistant usage, easily manageable

Cons: can become pricy, can set on fire if intense heat is applied


Metal – a very modern design for countertops, comes in a variety of metals, will last a long time

Pros: durability, overall look

Cons: scratches/dents easily, harder to maintain, pricy


Cement – This is becoming popular in today’s kitchens, you can tint/color the cement to any color.

Pros: sleek look, durability, long-lasting

Cons: Pricy, harder to change, repair


What ever you choose, you will be upgrading your kitchen countertops immensely! We, at Qualtire Plumbing & Construction will work with you in coming up with the perfect countertop that fits your needs and desires! After this small improvement, you will want to show off your new kitchen to everyone!

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We’ve been fortunate to have this lovely weather these past few weeks, but let’s face it…the heat will be here before we know it. With that in mind, everything will increase in price as well. We’re already paying high prices for gas so let’s invest in some new plumbing features to help reduce costs!


I know everyone is on a budget so if you cannot invest in a whole bathroom remodel, then just focus on the little things such as an upgraded faucet or a new toilet. When selecting a new faucet keep in mind a few things. It’s better to go with American-made brands rather than foreign-made because if the faucet needs to be repaired, it is much easier to get a part for the American-made faucet. Foreign parts may require to be shipped from that country which could take a while and cost a fortune. Plus, they may not make that particular faucet anymore so the part may not be found. Prices also affect the quality. You are what you’re getting when you buy certain faucets: the cheaper ones will not last as long and may break often, while the more expensive ones will last longer (I’m not saying go out and buy a $500 faucet, but don’t go out and buy a $20 faucet either).


We do live in a desert and we are in a drought so when selecting a toilet, keep in mind that there are water-saving toilets. Today’s market the toilet uses 1.28 gal per flush but you can get a 1.6 gal per flush in some models. If your toilet is 10 years or older, it uses 3 gal per flush. With that, it might behoove you to invest in a modern toilet to help save water as well as money. There is a toilet called the Persuade Dual Flush by Kohler. This toilet has a unique feature which allows the user to flush 2 ways, depending on what goes down the toilet. It’s like a urinal and toilet combined. In addition, certain cities will actually reimburse your toilet expenses if you upgrade to a water-saving model!


Another way to save water is through your shower head. These days you can get different heads that will produce 1.25 to 2gal per minute using pressure compensation technology. This allows the user to use less water while maintaining the water pressure that most people desire.


All in all, upgrading your plumbing fixtures will not only recreate your bathroom but will also save you money using water-saving technology.

In the eyes of a plumber’s son,

Andrew Ryne

February is here which means love is among us all…but how do we embrace it? Some say roses or chocolate, but those only last a few days. Don’t you think your love should last longer than just a few days? The nicest way to say “I love you” to your honey that will last a lifetime is with a brand new bathroom remodel!!

Ceiling to floor, bathrooms come in many shapes and sizes so we will customize to your needs. Any couple could want that spacious his-and-her vanity but what about a nice jacuzzi tub for those special nights, especially for a newly couple. Maybe it’s more a contemporary look for a business person with a state-of-the-art custom shower with multiple shower heads jetting from all directions. Or maybe just getting older where it’s all about the comfort and safety within the bathroom so a walk-in shower and comfort level toilet might fit your needs.

Whatever your heart’s desire, we at Qualtire Plumbing & Construction, will work with you to create the perfect romantic getaway you can escape to right in your own home. We will customize to any lifestyle from the retro modern to the traditional Victorian.

This month we are having a lovely special of 15% off your next plumbing, construction, or electrical bill so call today to transform your bathroom into a paradise you and your loved one will enjoy!! Once again, Happy Valentine’s Day to you from all of us here at Qualtire Plumbing & Construction.

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It’s that time of the year again when we all make those “over-the-top” resolutions, but let’s face it, we hardly ever stick to the plan. We make these resolutions to better ourselves but what about our foundations? No, I’m not talking about the foundations of our morals, but the foundations that make up your home.

Speaking of foundations, let’s start at the top with the roof. Normally, everyone forgets about the roof until that fateful night of stormy weather when you come home to find a huge leak and water pouring from your ceiling and walls. This damage could have been avoided if you had your roof inspected (and saved you from paying one hefty price, let alone avoiding mold from the water damage).

Winter in Phoenix is the perfect time to devote to the roof. The main reason?…the weather. Let’s face it, no one wants to go outside in this Arizona heat, especially on one’s roof. Trust me, I had to reroof a house last summer and the heat was unbearable times a thousand! Also, cooler weather leads to lower prices, which leads to happier customers.

So having your roof inspected before monsoons (or haboobs) might save you lots of money and agony. If your roof is not up to par, these conditions may lead to extensive damages. Make sure to keep an eye out for roofs 10 years and older as they should be inspected for damages or defects. For flat roofs and shingle roofs, check for wear and damage; and for tile roofs, check for cracked tiles and underlayment condition  (that’s the tar paper for those who don’t know).

Leaking or not, this is the perfect time to get your roof inspected…the weather is ideal, it’s free, repair or replacement prices are cheaper, and you’ll be happier in the long run!

Qualtire Plumbing & Construction, your Phoenix plumber and construction company since 1964, is now offering FREE roof inspections through February 2012. Give us a call today at 602-246-0656 to schedule your inspection.

In the eyes of a plumber’s son,
Andrew Ryne


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