A Moment with Monica

Part III: Lighting

Decorative lighting or task lighting? Why not both? Earlier I mentioned the beauty of the stand – alone bath tub, which would pair perfectly with a fancy chandelier. If that’s not enough lighting for a lady putting makeup on at 5 am for work, add some simple sconces on each side of your vanity. I highly suggest this because lighting makes all the difference when shaving or applying makeup. Believe me when I say, my boyfriend has left the house with a patch of untrimmed beard. Quite hilarious if i do say so. What isn’t funny; I have left home and had people look at me oddly, only to notice I hadn’t blended my cover up! Natural lighting is also a big one. Add an extra window if doing a full blown remodel. Au Natural is always going to be the best in my book. For the shower, whether you have a walk in with glass doors or have a curtain, it can tend to become a little dark in there. While it may not bother some, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have an extra shining light from up above. Recessed lighting works best because it can handle wet or damp conditions. Additionally, if you are getting ready to destress or forget bout a long week at work, a few tips for lighting up your relaxed mood would be to incorporate aesthetic lighting into your bathroom oasis. That means hiding your bulbs! Find clever areas to hide Them and turn on only when you need to.

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