What’s creeping inside your drains?

A few months ago a customer complained of a washing machine not draining properly. We went to his house and cleared the line using about 75’ of cable and nothing came back on the line. Within a few days he called back again with the same problem. We returned and still nothing came back on the cable.

Craig, one of our plumbing technicians, offered our customer an option of conducting a sewer camera inspection. Craig explained that this new technology comes equipped with high intensity lighting for optimal viewing and radio transmitters that give the exact location of the problematic area. This takes out all the unnecessary guess work of digging and where to cut holes in walls.

The customer agreed this was the best option and gave permission to proceed with the camera inspection. Craig quickly found the problem and could easily show the homeowner on the video monitor tree roots and a break in the sewer line and its exact location. We saved this customer money simply because we knew exactly where the break was, dug it up and replaced only 6” of the broken sewer line. This repair easily could’ve cost him thousands if performed by a high pressure sales man recommending a complete new sewer line.

If you have a sewer line that’s giving you problems, call Qualtire Plumbing and Construction. We’ll find out what’s going on in your drain lines.

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