Preventing Frozen Pipes (2)

Frozen Water Lines in Phoenix?

Living in Phoenix, Arizona we don’t worry too much about waking up to frozen water lines. Most pipes begin to freeze in temperatures of 20º and below. While we probably won’t reach those temperatures this year, we have already received a call from a new customer who had a leak on their roof. They mentioned this had happened a few times before and only during the colder winter months. Once our technician reached the job site, he immediately knew this was due to insufficient insulation of the water lines.

Once the water lines freeze, they expand and we are left with small breaks. The only way to remedy frozen pipes is to thaw them out. Lucky for us, our lovely sun can do this for us within a few hours. I have read a few websites mentioning to use electrical heat (hair dryers, heat guns, space heaters etc.) to speed up the thawing process. Not only is this unnecessary, but it is also an electrocution hazard, as you are unaware of the size and location of the break or even which direction the water will leak once thawed.frozen-water-pipe

If you wake up to find that your water line has frozen or has broken, give Qualtire Plumbing & Construction a call and we’ll provide you with a permanent repair.

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