Smitty Plate Before And After.

Shower Valves

Without proper experience, someone trying to repair a tub or tub/shower valve can end up breaking the valve beyond repair. By using the wrong tools, applying too much force or trying to install the wrong part, a customer can actually make matters worse. To make such repairs the water needs to be turned off to the entire home. We get emergency service calls all the time by the do-it-yourselfer that now has no water until what they thought was a simple fix gets complicated.

No two shower valves or cartridges are made the same:

Years ago, shower valves had a handle for hot, a handle for cold, you turned them on and figured out the volume and temperature yourself. These valves aren’t even code compliant today. There are literally hundred of brands to choose from and within those brands you have style lines to choose from. Each brand and style can have different valves and cartridges. Plus, brands and styles cone and go and the cartridges change. Your 10-year-old shower valve may be discontinued. Finding the repair cartridge is like finding a needle in a haystack. We realize it may be frustrating to hear the plumber tell you they’ll have to find your part and call you back with a price, availability and possibly replace the valve. Many times, it takes a team to research the brand and style to give you an answer.

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