A Moment with Monica

Working at Qualtire Plumbing and Construction, I have taken note of some plumbing problems that could have been avoided, and some simple steps to keep the issues from occurring.

Unsightly Fixtures:

The Problem: Your faucet hasn’t received any TLC in a few years and is covered in layers of lime and other mineral deposits.

The Solution: As common as it may seem: a diluted mixture of water and vinegar will do the trick. Mix one part vinegar to three parts water, soak a cleaning rag and allow the rag to sit on top of your faucet for a couple of hours. Rinse and scrub with a gentle tooth brush, such as a soft toothbrush specifically for cleaning if build up is thick.

Preventative care: Avoiding harsh cleaning chemicals will preserve the finish on your faucet and is less costly than purchasing a new faucet. Sticking to water and vinegar for a cleaning solution will keep your faucet looking like new if cleaned at least twice a year, depending on how hard your water is.

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